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Welcome to the FIX MS NOW fundraising website!

My name is Sheryl Skutelsky, and I have been dealing with MS since the 1980s. Now that fatique and cognitive problems from my illness have forced me to go on disability and I can no longer work full time in my profession, I have committed myself to working constructively to help bring awareness and find a cure for MS.

I have created this site as a home base to raise awareness and share information about MS, and also as a platform to raise money for research that will lead to a cure some day.
Click Here To Contribute Now.

All donations will go directly to the Long Island Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Together we can gather the tools that will change the lives of so many suffering with Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank you for considering a donation and offering support!

Sheryl A. Skutelsky
Connect with the official ‘Fix MS Now‘ page on Facebook.



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