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The Joy of Meds

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And so another pretty decent week is capped off by my once-a-week Avonex injection, leaving me achy, fatigued, and frustrated. “But, you look so good,” is the comment I catch from a well meaning acquaintance at the gym. I wince because I’m getting so tired of hearing that phrase.

Week after week I push through with my usual optimistic tone, but few can imagine how frustrating it becomes to be entering my twelfth year of taking a medication that is statistically supposed to reduce my rate of MS relapses, while only feeling ill for a day or two each week from taking it, and never really knowing if my MS would have progressed any differently if I had chosen not to ever go on any of the disease modifying MS drugs that are currently available.

Statistically, these drugs have been shown to reduce MS relapses. However, I’m not a statistic. So, do I risk staying off the meds to avoid dealing with the side effects that are sometimes worse than the actual multiple sclerosis symptoms? It’s a crap shoot, and I’ve never been much of a gambler.

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