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Heat Intolerance and MS

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I’m at the checkout in BJ’s Wholesale when suddenly my face must begin to betray what my body is actually feeling.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” asks the sales associate (Way too nicely for a typical New Yorker.)

Within seconds comes the usual dilemma in my mind. Do I say I’m fine, or do I explain that it’s just my body telling me that walking around shopping raised my body temperature just enough to make me feel sick because I have MS, and I’ll have a miraculous recovery as soon as I walk outside in nothing but my short sleeve shirt while everyone else is wearing winter coats (after all it’s below freezing here on Long Island.)

As per usual, I opt to get my ass out the door a.s.a.p. knowing that another precious few minutes may be just enough to make a speedy recovery impossible. So, here I am trying to raise MS awareness, and once again I had to miss a golden opportunity to explain a major part of my symptoms. Oh well, I guess that’s exactly why I started this blog!



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