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Tysabri – Miracle Drug or Death Sentence?

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Tysabri is not for everybody – I was so ill after being on it for 6 months … Thank God I chose to stop it despite my Neurologist urging me to stick with it!

MS Patient Dies From Anti-Drug Antibodies

(From Facebook)
Valerie Mantz:
I read this and at the end I see it happened in 2007. I wonder if in the meantime they have simple testing to see if one’s body is developing the antibodies to it.

Sheryl Jacobson Skutelsky:
There are tests for the antibodies for the PML virus, but my body reacted as if I was on chemotherapy, even though I tested negative for the antibodies. I hurt from the inside out, and I was sick as a dog with sores in my mouth!

They thought that I had rheumatoid arthritis because I couldn’t move in the morning – I became addicted to Percocet. Off Tysabri several months now, and no more Percocet needed!

Severe joint pain and mouth sores are the most commonly reported side effects. Yet, for others, it’s a miracle drug.



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