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A Delicate Balance

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I was invited to dinner by a friend that I met when our daughters were in preschool together some 30+ years ago. At first I was so excited to see her since we hadn’t gotten together in years. However, the MS dilemma quickly reared its ugly head.

You see, I’m always having to rob Peter to pay Paul … And I’m not talking about money here – I’m talking about energy. People living with MS like myself often need to play the balance game just to enjoy a night out, and forget about the price we pay for a spur of the moment adventure.

Picture my energy supply for the week as a bunch of blocks. I require a matching block of rest for each energy block that I use due to the overwhelming fatigue my body suffers from the effects of multiple sclerosis. Some weeks I just can’t help but tip the scale in the wrong direction.

Unlike healthy people, I have to think ahead and carefully make a game plan if I want to … let’s say … exercise, write my blog, and go out to dinner with a friend because I pay the price if I forget that I also need enough hours in the week to also rest. Otherwise, I can end up spending several days in bed. Kind of zaps some of the fun out of accepting a simple dinner invitation, wouldn’t you say?



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