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Which Came First, the MS or the Stress?

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I just finished using my newly acquired Power of Attorney to put my father’s affairs in order and get him into an assisted living facility that is far below the standards that I would have preferred … But it was unfortunately all that he could afford. I spent hours getting the run around from the VA office only to find out that he was actually too healthy for one type of assistance, and too poor for another, even though he served his country in the Korean War. (Not to mention the 15 – 20 month backlog in all the paperwork that the VA is trying to deal with right now.)

Call me human, but despite knowing that getting stressed would not be good for me, my back pain and numbness down my left arm let me know that my MS was already beginning to act up. So what’s a person suppose to do other than stop living? Intellectually, I naturally know that stress isn’t good for me, and yes, I swim, do yoga, and meditate … But sometimes life’s challenges just sneak up and cause my body to tense up no matter how calmly and spiritually I attempt to live my life.

As the article sited below states, “Overall, the evidence is quite congruent and clear. Stress plays a major role in MS relapses and strategies need to be developed to minimise the effects of stressful life events. Meditation is particularly helpful, but many people also find exercise helps in minimizing the effects of stress. Counseling may also be useful.”

Okay, My brain knows this. Now how do I tell it to tight muscles and misfiring nerves? MS/Stress/



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  1. I’νe savored each and every worԀ. Wɦo ever claimed writing was a lost art?

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