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Pushing Through MS Fatigue

Sheryl Skutelsky: Pushing Through MS Fatigue



My Latest Contribution to

The Blood Brain Barrier – How Come No One Ever Explained It.


MS and Migraines

I’m sitting here with yet another migraine headache, and so I’ll simply direct you to a link to the article that I already wrote that is now running on
Is There a Link Between MS and Migraines?


Peanut Skutelsky, MS Mascot

Our animals can really enhance our lives, and they help us a lot during difficult times when MS can be painful. My dogs seem to know when I need that extra cuddling on those days when I need to hang out in bed battling fatigue. These pet moments make MS matter less and make life with MS a little bit easier. If you don’t already have a pet, you really should give it a try. I wouldn’t trade my 3 dogs’ unconditional love for anything.
By the way, my teeny tiny mighty MS mascot, Peanut, has her own Facebook page. Check it out next time you feel like seeing cute pics while getting some new MS information:


The Healing Power of Pets

Peanut Skutelsky, MS Mascot
Article on

Puppy Love
Video of My Dogs


Knowledge is Power

Read my article on Healthline:

Knowledge Is Power, Especially When It Comes to MS


So, What is MS, in Layman’s Terms Please? by Sheryl Jacobson Skutelsky on 10/3/13

Read my latest article on

So, What is MS, in Laymen’s Terms Please?


Spotlite Radio Presents Marcus Edwards’ Interview about Multiple Sclerosis on 8/6/2013

Spotlite Radio Presents Marcus Edwards’ Interview about Multiple Sclerosis on 8/6/2013

Interview with Sheryl Skutelsky

Founder of Fix MS Now, Sheryl Skutelsky, educated the listeners of Spotlite Radio about multiple sclerosis.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about ms; however, Sheryl, living with MS for over 20 years, knows differently. On Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 10 pm EST, Sheryl shared with her listeners about multiple sclerosis and what the common misunderstandings are. People need to understand this often invisible chronic disease.

Please visit for information on her as well as her positive outlook on life. On Facebook: Fix MS Now


Want to Help?

I just finished my live radio interview with Marcus Edwards of Spotliteradio. Besides feeling wiped out and in need of a nap, I feel good about having another opportunity to help spread MS awareness.



No Pedestals Please

I have MS, and I have chosen to do my best
To give life my all … Nothing less.
I didn’t choose to have a chronic illness
I certainly wouldn’t try to will this.

But, strength is not something you choose
Until choice is something you lose.
Someone told me today that I’ve made such a great decision
In my mind it didn’t take much vision.

When pain becomes a daily part of life
And I can either cry or rise above,
I can easily become a burden to those I love.
To me there stands only one clear choice
I have to live my life with a smile and an activist’s voice.

┬ęSheryl A. Skutelsky, 2013. All rights reserved.


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